I’m running for the DPS Board of Education because too many of our schools have lost their relation with their community. Every decision I make will be through the lens of what is best for our neighborhood schools and with an open ear, to include the concerns and aspirations of community members across Denver.  We must build trust and ensure that all funds and resources go to benefit the public schools of Denver.


As your voice on the Board from district 2, I will work to put community first:

1) Work to ensure our students can safely walk to schools in our neighborhoods. Too many of our students are transported across town. The lack of essential instructional support and enriched curriculum in nearby schools is especially detrimental to working class neighborhoods. Parents are challenged to get their students on time to schools across town and also get themselves to work.

2) Strong, Safe Neighborhood schools also mean healthier students and families. When students are able to walk to their neighborhood schools we give them a little extra physical activity and especially when they are younger, time for uninterrupted conversations with parents. As a mother, I know my kids looked forward to having time alone walking to and from school with me or their father. They learned to notice and recognize the people, pets and homes in our neighborhood.

3) Neighborhood schools create a sense of real community. When our schools become centers for community participation where our kids go to learn it creates pride among our students and families. That pride motivates students to work harder, engage in sports and other extracurricular activities, and build a team spirit that strives to succeed.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the website for my campaign for the Denver Board of Education! We’ll be updating this as the campaign progresses, but please take a few minutes to look around. I hope to earn your support.